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Our Story The Big Day

Our Wedding Tale by Nishal Lama

April 2, 2015
wedding photographer

R and I were very particular about hiring a good wedding photographer. We wanted someone to capture the emotions without making it look too posey. We wanted beautiful candid moments that we would cherish for years to come. And most importantly, we wanted someone who told our story through their lens.

I wrote to a couple of photographers, but nothing worked out because they were either pricey or we just didn’t get what we were looking for.

wedding photographer

All along I knew I wanted Nishal Lama (an ex-colleague) to do our wedding photography. I have always admired his work and felt he would be the perfect fit. So I went ahead and called him; luckily he was free on the dates we had chosen. R didn’t instantly get on board with the plan and wasn’t fully convinced either. Whereas I knew that Nishal was what we were looking for. R did his own bit of research about him and looked at every single picture he had shot before making up his mind. Though he agreed, I don’t think R was fully convinced until we had a chat with Nishal.

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wedding photographer

Nishal had a lot of ideas about how he would shoot and spoke to us extensively about his style of photography. He seemed extremely passionate about photography and R was fully smitten. And smitten was the word on everybody’s lips during our wedding. Everyone loved Nishal, he made a camera-shy person like my dad to open up and pose. Girls wanted his number, aunts couldn’t stop talking about him and all the uncles liked him. He had won over every single one with his amazing people skills. My dad even called him the “best photographer.” Coming from my dad, that is a high praise.

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Post Wedding shoot

We did a post-wedding shoot in very ordinary places, but the photos look out-of-the-world! R even developed a man-crush on him after looking at his amazing camera skills (jealous of you, Nishal). Nishal certainly did provide us with long-lasting memories of a very important day in our lives.

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