When we met each other, there were no church bells ringing or violins playing in the background. It was a simple unassuming meeting over a coffee. A meeting which paved the way for our future together. Four months later, we are engaged and ready to begin a new chapter of our lives. By new chapter, we mean the countdown to the big day from two different countries (India and United Kingdom).

This blog is our virtual home where you get a peek into our lives as we journey towards spending a life of happiness and togetherness. Apart from the occasional wedding talk, you will also get to read about our interests (travel: his, food: mine) likes, dislikes and day-to-day ramblings.

Here, take a cushion and make yourself at home while we entertain you with our shenanigans. Here are two posts which give you an insight into how we met and how OurInfinity was born.