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Love or Arranged?

November 1, 2014

A friend recently asked me if it was love or arranged between R and I (a very common question in India) and I didn’t have a ready answer to it. All I could manage was an ‘errmm well…both…I guess’. This got me thinking too – was it love or arranged? Though I hate to admit it, I met R on a matrimonial website; a system we both didn’t believe in. But fortuitously our paths crossed and here we are today. We didn’t involve our parents until both of us were sure about each other; which isn’t the case in a traditional arranged marriage setup. The parents meet before the girl and boy get to meet alone. We went on a couple of dates (alone!) before we finally told our parents about it. We even had a three month long courtship period before we got engaged; which would otherwise be considered blasphemous. The three month period and the distance, albeit painful, gave us enough time and space to get to know each other on a deeper level and to eventually fall in love. Everything happened at its own pace and time without any external forces trying to make it happen.

All this leads me to believe that it was love that was meant to be arranged!


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