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My Love Hate relationship with London

June 25, 2015

This post is a long time coming and I’ve finally found time to jot down my thoughts. If you’ve read our previous post, you’ll know about our struggle to get my visa. So this post is what followed and my love hate relationship with London.

It seems like a blur now when I think about what was going through my mind when I got onto the flight to London. It was such an emotional moment; my cousins, parents and in-laws came to see us off and it felt like I was leaving a safe haven to step into the unknown.

Bengaluru International Airport

When I sat in the flight, I didn’t know what the future held, all I knew was I was starting over.  I was excited that I was starting a family of my own with my loving husband, but the fear of being away from ‘home’ is an inexplicable feeling. Seeing my mum control her tears and my dad trying to hide his sadness is a memory that’ll linger always. I have a lump in my throat as I wrote this; it’s just too hard to say bye to your loved ones.

Big Ben

London Eye

When I landed in London, I was still too numb to process what was happening. It took me a couple of days to digest the fact I was in a different country. Though London is not the most charming city, I love how there’s so much character to it. Everything is so picturesque and instagram-worthy. I love the buzz of rush hour and the maze-like tube system. Though I initially hated the quiet neighbourhoods, I’ve come to enjoy them because I can hear the gushing sound of winds, birds chirping and the swoosh of trees in HD clarity.

London Underground

The Shard

Most of London is still wonderfully lush and is not a concrete jungle like New York. One thing I still miss is the convenience of tuk-tuks, the transport system here is like a puzzle. You can’t get to a place without traversing through all of London’s transport system. Too tedious, but it’s great for people watching though. I finally get why people here always talk about the weather. Never have I used the weather app as much as I’ve used it after coming here. If you step out without checking the weather, you either run the risk of getting to work completely drenched or with your dress billowing in the wind and exposing a little too much. Ask me, I’ve experienced it. A handy tip is to always carry a pair of tights and umbrella to combat London’s moody weather.


The Walkie-Talkie

Come rain or sunshine, Londoners definitely dress with flair. Though blacks and greys are the most preferred colours, they certainly do know how to dress chic. London is a potpourri of culture that has a lot to offer, but one thing that disappoints me is how difficult it has been to get my first big break. Hopefully that’ll change soon! Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Hum Tum

Our Story The Big Day

New Beginning

January 27, 2015
New Beginning

New Beginning

When R left Bangalore four months back, I didn’t know how we’d sail through it. Now that the countdown is down to one day,  I think all the perseverance paid off. Most importantly, I need to thank R for keeping his cool and being extremely patient with me. No doubt, long distance relationships are hard, but if it is with the right person, then it is totally worth it. It has been an adventurous ride full of important lessons – lessons that will help us hold onto each other in testing times. Though this is the end of our living-miles-apart phase, a new and equally exciting phase of together-forever-and-always beckons! R and I are officially going to become man and wife on February 1st, 2015. Cheers to our New Beginning!

As always we want you to be a part of this special journey.

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Happy Birthday, Mum!

November 8, 2014
Moms are the best

Mum and I fight a lot but we are still the best of friends. I don’t know when we transitioned from the mother-daughter relationship to my-mother-is-my-best-friend phase but I am so glad we did. I have shared with her every little detail of my life…the good, bad and the ugly and she has only looked at me with kind reassuring eyes without ever being judgmental. My mother has taught me what unconditional love is and how important it is to give without any expectations. She has seen me through sickness, bad phases and every little ups and downs by standing by me like a rock. She has taught me to pick my battles. You win some, you lose some; let it go is an important lesson I have learnt from her. She has taught me to be patient and kind even when the other person is not. She has taught me to see only the good in people. She has taught me that sometimes it is important to put others’ happiness before yours. She has taught me how a few kind words can touch someone’s life. She has taught me what it takes to nurture and grow a loving relationship. She has taught me the value of money and how to save for a rainy day. She has taught me to be respectful of others’ feelings. She has taught me the importance of a prayer.

Above all, she has taught me how to love…

Happy Birthday, Mum!

PS: Her birthday was on November 7 and it should have gone up yesterday but then sometimes life happens.


Life Lately

A Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self

November 4, 2014
A decade apart

Dear younger self,

I know you are feeling rebellious but that is no reason to give mum and dad the grief. I understand that anger might seem like an easy outlet, but trust me, kindness is always the answer. Go give them a hug this moment, you won’t regret it. Don’t rubbish parental advice by rolling your eyes; these gems of wisdom are what will see you through in tougher times. Hold onto it, and believe in it, for it will guide you through your life. Know that you are very special – loved and blessed to have parents who will shower you with unconditional love. All the hardships and difficulties you will face might make you question the unfairness of it all, but there is a silver lining! And I want you to find it (always). Don’t let negativity get you down; it is better to be stupidly optimistic than a cynical realist. Don’t be afraid of speaking your mind; say it out loud. Don’t bottle up things. Make decisions out of love and not fear. You will make a lot of mistakes all through your 20s. In fact you will repeatedly make the same mistakes; the good news is, there is a hidden lesson in all of them. These difficult life lessons will help you bloom into a strong and confident person. Love freely but trust only those who mean well to you.  You might be fooled into believing that the entire world is your friend; you will learn this lesson the hard way that you can’t please everyone. Those who love you will truly, truly love you for who you are no matter how much you fight with them or push them away. Laugh at every given opportunity, for life is measured by the happy moments. You will fall, get hurt badly and even bleed but never lose hope. Always be resilient. For all the love and companionship you crave, know that you will eventually meet someone who will sweep you off your feet. Run to him the moment your heart spots him. Until then stay firmly put.

Finally, no matter how challenging things get, always remember that kindness is the only answer.

Your not-so-wise 27-year-old self

This picture was taken  when I was 17, on a family vacation at Agra, Delhi. Embarrassing but what the hell!

This picture was taken when I was 17, on a family vacation at Agra, Delhi. Embarrassing but what the hell!

PS: What would you say to your younger self? Leave your comments below!