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French Riviera Travel Guide and Tips

June 15, 2016
French Riveria

Day 1

Nice, the capital of the French Riviera was love at first sight for us. The undulating Promenade des Anglais, lanes dotted with quaint chapels and boulangeries teeming with people are all an inordinately beautiful sight. On our first day, we sauntered through the entire stretch of the promenade while relishing a gelato and thinking c’est la vie! One of the best places to enjoy the view is to climb up the winding stairs of Le château de Nice (Castle hill) There are various entrances, or you can even take the free lift. This medieval castle is a maze of greenery that offers stunning views of the old town and the port. We spent the entire day wandering around and exploring this place. We even chanced upon a waterfall that was built during the 18th century. As the evening light started to set in, we walked over to the beach to bask in the warm glow.

French RivieraDay 2

Eze Village

The next morning, we took a bus to Eze Village – make sure you sit on the right side of the bus to enjoy the plentiful vistas. Following a quick breakfast of buttery croissants and black coffee, we headed to explore the fortified village. Perched on a rocky peak, this village offers an outstanding view of the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula. Dotted with quaint boutiques and bougainvillaea-covered villas, this place has maze-like streets that lead to beautiful courtyards and hidden alleys. Next, we climbed up to the Jardin Exotique, where an abundance of succulent plants surrounds the castle ruins. Perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment.


After spending three hours in Eze, we took another bus to Monaco. On reaching, we headed to a restaurant overlooking the harbour to devour dried cod cooked in tomato sauce and pasta with Mediterranean vegetables. The wide variety of museums and sites reflects the importance of art, history and culture in Monaco. We walked around the harbour for a while enjoying the sight of docked yachts dancing around in the water. Post that, we walked to the Oceanographic Museum from the old port. Although it’s quite a walk, the view is breathtaking! We highly suggest you do this instead of taking a bus or a cab. The Oceanographic Museum is a neoclassical building that houses over 6000 species in a spectacular underwater environment. The shark lagoon is a must-visit, it will surely blow your mind. In the same vicinity, you’ll also find the magnificent Prince’s Palace, the white stone Cathedral and the Chapel of Mercy. Instead of walking all the way back to the old port, there’s an exit next to the palace that’ll take you back into the city.

French Riviera

French RivieraFrench RivieraDay 3


Pronounced as ‘can’, this place is all about glitz and glamour. From taking pictures on the red carpet to dining at upscale restaurants, you can do it all. While there’s nothing much to see apart from the razzle-dazzle, there are a few places that are worth a visit. Head over to Forville Market to taste the local delight – Socca (chickpea crepes), walk through the charming neighbourhood of Le Suquet or shop for vintage knick-knacks at Rue Meynadier. If you have time we would surely recommend taking a ferry to Ile Sainte-Marguerite – a beautiful island with a fort and maritime museum.

While Eze still remains the best part about our trip, the French Riviera certainly did steal our hearts forever.

ile sainte marguerite french rivieraSoccaHandy Tips

1. We booked an Uber from the airport to Nice using the wifi available at the airport and it cost us 19€, an alternative is to use the express bus which costs 6€ per person. Note that when you pull up your list of available wifi networks at the airport, you will probably see ‘FreeWifi’: this is NOT free, ‘Free’ is a network provider and it’s only free… if you pay!

2. We chose Nice as our base and travelled to Eze, Monaco and Cannes

3. Buy these handy Foldable water bottles as you will need it while exploring the city plus you can easily clip it to your bag.

4. When you get on the train to Cannes, the stop you need to get off is Cannes Voyagers, not Cannes la Bocca.

5. Nice has 3 stops Riquier, St Augustine and Nice Ville figure out which station your Hotel is the  closest to

6. Validate your ticket in the little yellow machines before getting on to the train, if you’re on a tram you can do this once you get in.


Our New Year with Jar of Awesomeness

December 31, 2015
Jar of Awesomeness

We began a new tradition this year and we hope to continue doing it because it teaches us to be grateful for every day and thankful for all of life’s ebbs and flows. Jar Of Awesomeness is seemingly a simple idea but with a real big impact. The basic idea is you start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes of your experiences as the year goes by and finally read these beautiful memories on New Year’s day.

Our New Year Jar of Awesomeness

On my vanity sits a jar brimming with special moments captured in colourful sticky notes from the year gone by. Every time we accomplished something – big or small, we wrote about it. Every time we had a bitter tiff and made up, we wrote about it. We wrote about our love for each other and for all the countless blessings. These notes are like a testament of our first year of marriage. We leave behind all the lows and look forward to experiencing the highs again.

Happy New Year, everyone!

PS: Thanks for reading our blog even though we didn’t update much; you can certainly expect a flurry of posts in the coming year.


OurInfinity’s First Feature – Links à mode

October 24, 2015
Links à mode

Yes, We got featured for the first time in the links à mode. Truly an honour – Thank you IFB.

Now go read these awesome stories:

Links à la Mode, October 22





Six Easy Tips to Improve your Photography

October 9, 2015

Never thought I’d sit down to write this, but this post is for me to look back a few years from now and see how it all started. Once we started blogging, we realised how important it was to have good pictures. So I started hunting for a new camera, and I found one which catered to my needs (I’ve written about it here). But here’s what I’ve learnt in a year or so after investing in my first camera: You can have the best camera in the world and still end up taking bad pictures if you’re not willing to learn. Though my initial pictures were nothing to write home about, I’ve consistently strived to learn and better my photography skills. To illustrate my point, take a look at my before and after pictures.


tips to improve your photography tips to improve your photography

The professional photographers will still find flaws in my work but the truth is, I don’t want to be a pro nor do I want to make money out of this newfound passion. I’m happy being a “photo enthusiast”. All I want is to create memories for myself with my own hands and for L to say ‘WOW’ because at the end of the day even an audience of one is sufficient.


Street photography in London Eiffel Tower in all it's glory tips to improve your photography

Photography tips Tips to Improve your Photography
Isle of Skye Tips to Improve your Photography

1. Understand composition – you’ll find many articles about this, but I’d like to point you to my friend Vinayak’s post who’s covered this in-depth. If video is your preferred choice then look up Shivakumar’s video who helps you master your camera.
2. Find a fellow photographer (thanks VK) who is willing to review your pictures and get his/her opinion on it. If you don’t have a photographer friend, take a look at photo critique forums.
3. Read, Read and Read! Believe me, you can never do enough of this. Digital photography school is a great place to start. If street photography is your thing head over to Eric Kim’s blog for a dose of brilliance.
4. Follow photographers who inspire you. By doing this you inevitably train your eye to take a better photo, also look at a picture and think why it was shot that way rather than just going WOW!
5. Learn Lightroom – there were days when I’d come home, plug in my headphones and watch videos for hours trying to master post-processing. Check out Anthony Morganti’s YouTube channel to learn more.
6. Instagram/Flickr it! You probably think this is unnecessary, but the photography community is quite supportive. I take part in daily contests and when fellow photographers leave a comment appreciating your work you know you’re getting better.


So these are my tips to improve your photography, hope you find them useful. If you’re just starting out and are willing to put in the effort then you will definitely succeed. Like they say the best camera is the one you already have, so just go shoot.

PS: If you need to know anything else then leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to answer.


24 Hours in Brussels

October 1, 2015

Happy Blogiversary to Our Infinity! Our blog turned 1 year old today and to celebrate this happy occasion we are hosting an international giveaway especially for the ladies(sorry men!) on L’s beauty blog, so head over and get winning

Brussels is a multicultural medieval city that has a lot to offer to culture lovers. Beautiful art-nouveau houses and Baroque-style buildings dot the cobbled lanes of this city. A quick weekend getaway isn’t enough to explore this fabled capital. Grand-Place (Grote Markt) which is at the heart of the city is where all the action happens. 24 Hours in Brussels

This square has ornate Gothic and Baroque-style buildings dating back to the 15th century. As you walk through the place, it feels as if you’re in a different time period. To escape the heaving crowds, you can climb up the Town Hall (Hôtel de Ville) to enjoy a panoramic view of the square. From music concerts to weddings, Grand-Place is always bustling with activity. We saw a couple get married there – possibly the most romantic way to tie the knot.Belgian chocolate Brussels 24 Hours in Brussels

Next, we headed to see the famous Manneken Pis – a fountain-statue of a little boy urinating into a basin. Sculptor Hieronimus Duquesnoy the Elder designed the bronze statue in 1619 and there are many stories behind the statue (read it here). The statue is dressed in different costumes all throughout the year, most of which is displayed at the Maison du Roi. I highly recommend visiting these places in the night to beat the crowds.Manneken Pis

After indulging in waffles and Belgian chocolates, we sauntered through Rue Charles Buls to buy some souvenirs and chocolates. Since we had a packed schedule, we didn’t get to go inside the Royal Palace (Palais Royal). It’s one of the most opulent buildings with magnificent architecture. They open certain parts of the palace to visitors every summer. Our final stop was the world-famous Atomium, a giant model of an oxygen molecule, built for the 1958 World Fair. The Atomium offers the most breathtaking view of the city, but be prepared to stand in queues for long hours which is why 24 hours in Brussels is just not sufficient.

24 Hours in Brussels Atomium Brussels Atomium Brussels


Sony a6000 better than a DSLR?

January 10, 2015
Sony a6000

I have always been interested in photography, but only over the last few months I became more serious about investing in a good camera, mostly because L said we needed pictures for the blog. I have only had a point and shoot camera before and strongly believed that my phone Continue Reading