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A Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self

November 4, 2014
A decade apart

Dear younger self,

I know you are feeling rebellious but that is no reason to give mum and dad the grief. I understand that anger might seem like an easy outlet, but trust me, kindness is always the answer. Go give them a hug this moment, you won’t regret it. Don’t rubbish parental advice by rolling your eyes; these gems of wisdom are what will see you through in tougher times. Hold onto it, and believe in it, for it will guide you through your life. Know that you are very special – loved and blessed to have parents who will shower you with unconditional love. All the hardships and difficulties you will face might make you question the unfairness of it all, but there is a silver lining! And I want you to find it (always). Don’t let negativity get you down; it is better to be stupidly optimistic than a cynical realist. Don’t be afraid of speaking your mind; say it out loud. Don’t bottle up things. Make decisions out of love and not fear. You will make a lot of mistakes all through your 20s. In fact you will repeatedly make the same mistakes; the good news is, there is a hidden lesson in all of them. These difficult life lessons will help you bloom into a strong and confident person. Love freely but trust only those who mean well to you.  You might be fooled into believing that the entire world is your friend; you will learn this lesson the hard way that you can’t please everyone. Those who love you will truly, truly love you for who you are no matter how much you fight with them or push them away. Laugh at every given opportunity, for life is measured by the happy moments. You will fall, get hurt badly and even bleed but never lose hope. Always be resilient. For all the love and companionship you crave, know that you will eventually meet someone who will sweep you off your feet. Run to him the moment your heart spots him. Until then stay firmly put.

Finally, no matter how challenging things get, always remember that kindness is the only answer.

Your not-so-wise 27-year-old self

This picture was taken  when I was 17, on a family vacation at Agra, Delhi. Embarrassing but what the hell!

This picture was taken when I was 17, on a family vacation at Agra, Delhi. Embarrassing but what the hell!

PS: What would you say to your younger self? Leave your comments below!