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Tier 1 General Dependant Visa

April 30, 2015

We applied for my visa right after we got married. R and I had all the documents ready a month before we got married so we could fly together. The month leading to the wedding was stressful and chaotic as we were running from pillar to post to get the documents in place. Since the information online is very ambiguous, we thought we’ll pen down our experience. I applied for the Tier 1 General Dependant Visa and here’s how to go about itour experience. I applied for the Tier 1 General Dependant Visa and here’s how to go about it:

1. You need to fill the online application form and schedule an appointment. Apply here –  The visa fees were approximately £944 (87,000 INR) Print out the application and submit them with supporting documents.

2.  To prove the legitimacy of our relationship we submitted:

  •      Email transcripts and call records over a period of time. We submitted skype and viber call records
  •      Original marriage certificate
  •      Wedding photos
  •      Wedding invitation

3. The main applicant needs to submit the following documents:

  • Council Tax/Utility bills
  • 3 month’s payslips with signature from the HR or bearing the company stamp (stamp should appear on every page of the document)
  • 3 month’s bank statements printed on the official stationary or if you are producing an electronic copy, bank logo must appear on the statement with official signature or stamp.  (stamp should appear on every page of the document)
  • Reference letter from the employer
  • Evidence of maintenance fund (If you’ve lived in the UK for less than 12 months, you must show that you have at least £2,835 funds or if you’ve lived longer than that you need to show proof of £1,575 in your account)
  • Copy of the pages of passport
  • Copy of Biometric Residence Permit (commonly referred to as BRP)

4. Rental agreement is not mandatory. There’s a lot of confusion over this but we didn’t submit the document as R lived in a shared accommodation and didn’t have a rental agreement on his name.

5. Air tickets are not mandatory. We booked the tickets only after we got the visa.

6. The dependant needs to submit the following documents:

  • Chest x-ray certificate (Important note: If you’re applying from Bangalore, India VFS accepts the X-ray certificate only from Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road or Elbit Medical Diagnostic Ltd, Queens Road)
  • Two passport sized photographs complying with the UK guidelines
  • Original copy of degree certificate
  • Passport
  • Certificate of proficiency in English is not mandatory unless your spouse is on an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) visa. We didn’t produce this document.

When we went apply for the visa we had two hindrances – we hadn’t done the chest X-ray from the approved clinic and I had mehendi on my hands. They don’t take your fingerprints even if there’s little mehendi on your hands.

We had two options – one was to reschedule the appointment or apply for a fast track visa application. We could have rescheduled the appointment but we were running short of time and I wanted to fly with R, so we opted for fast track application. We had to shell out extra 12,500 INR for the process. If you’re applying for fast track you can walk in any time without having to take an appointment online. However, since I had mehendi on my hands we waited for two to three days before applying again.

From bleach to chocolate to hydrogen peroxide, we tried every possible remedy under the sun, but none of it worked. In the fear of burning my hands, I started to wash my hands every few hours. In spite of all the effort, the mehendi faded very lightly. We took a chance and applied the following week and thankfully it was smooth sailing.

Once you enter the VFS office, you’ll be given a checklist to tick all the documents you’re producing. After submitting the documents, your biometrics and photograph are taken. Once you are done paying the amount (they accept only cash), you are given a receipt which you’ll need to show along with a copy of your passport when receiving the courier.

I received my visa in just four days when we were having lunch at Primrose Villas. It was such a perfect start to our honeymoon!

Please leave your comments below if you have any doubts or queries. We’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

Our Story The Big Day

Our Wedding Tale by Nishal Lama

April 2, 2015
wedding photographer

R and I were very particular about hiring a good wedding photographer. We wanted someone to capture the emotions without making it look too posey. We wanted beautiful candid moments that we would cherish for years to come. And most importantly, we wanted someone who told our story through their lens.

I wrote to a couple of photographers, but nothing worked out because they were either pricey or we just didn’t get what we were looking for.

wedding photographer

All along I knew I wanted Nishal Lama (an ex-colleague) to do our wedding photography. I have always admired his work and felt he would be the perfect fit. So I went ahead and called him; luckily he was free on the dates we had chosen. R didn’t instantly get on board with the plan and wasn’t fully convinced either. Whereas I knew that Nishal was what we were looking for. R did his own bit of research about him and looked at every single picture he had shot before making up his mind. Though he agreed, I don’t think R was fully convinced until we had a chat with Nishal.

18. _MG_0008-Edit_edit

wedding photographer

Nishal had a lot of ideas about how he would shoot and spoke to us extensively about his style of photography. He seemed extremely passionate about photography and R was fully smitten. And smitten was the word on everybody’s lips during our wedding. Everyone loved Nishal, he made a camera-shy person like my dad to open up and pose. Girls wanted his number, aunts couldn’t stop talking about him and all the uncles liked him. He had won over every single one with his amazing people skills. My dad even called him the “best photographer.” Coming from my dad, that is a high praise.

192. _MG_0335_edit

175. EW9C7576-Edit_edit

Post Wedding shoot

We did a post-wedding shoot in very ordinary places, but the photos look out-of-the-world! R even developed a man-crush on him after looking at his amazing camera skills (jealous of you, Nishal). Nishal certainly did provide us with long-lasting memories of a very important day in our lives.

wedding photoshoot













wedding photographer32. DSCF6491-Edit-2_edit



You can check out Nishal’s work at


Our Story The Big Day

Hello from Mr. & Mrs.

March 6, 2015

Hey! We are back as Mr. and Mrs. and we plan to fill you in on all that happened on the big day. I am going to try and be precise here or I will end up writing a novella. January 31st, 2015 was the day of the wedding reception and my, my what a day it was!

The stage where it all began

The stage where it all began

I totally felt like a princess with so many people fussing over me. There was a flurry of makeup artists, photographers and relatives hovering around me at all times. Though it seems like a distant dream now, I enjoyed every moment of being a blushing bride. I had two great makeup artists (Anu & Ridhi) to help me get ready on the d-day. When I finally looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t believe it was me. I thought I looked glamorous (if I could say so myself).

Thanks to Anu and Ridhi for dolling me up

Thanks to Anu and Ridhi for dolling me up

As I stepped out of my room, I saw R looking dapper in a chambray suit with a maroon tie and pocket square to match my lehenga. A pretty unusual colour, but he pulled it off quite well. Post a quick photo session, R and I went up on the stage and it was a long and back- breaking two hours of meeting and greeting. By the end of it, I had visible laugh lines – I kid not.

Little did we know that we would end up standing for the next two hours :)

Little did we know that we would end up standing for the next two hours 🙂

Receptions in India are a long and winding event where people come to shower you with blessings and gifts. Initially we felt there were very few people, but as time passed there were so many people that we didn’t get to sit down even for five minutes. It felt extremely surreal; I was in a daze as friends and relatives came up to wish us. At one point my cousin H asked me what was going through my mind and all I could say was, “I’m blank.” The only thing I vividly remember is R pointing out the number of people taking selfies. It definitely looked like everyone had dressed up just to take selfies. Though our legs were aching and we were tired, we felt a rush of happiness seeing everyone around us in such a joyous mood. Usually Indian weddings are a very stressful affair, but R and I completely enjoyed the two days of celebrations!

R praying seriously (is he?)

R praying seriously (is he?)

For R, it was like gaining a whole new family. He never enjoyed the luxury of having tons of cousins like I do. In fact my cousins dote and love me just as my own sibling would. He got along famously with them and they became extremely fond of him as well. Another beautiful part of our wedding was he got to experience love from his own cousins Deepti and Babloo – who are now a part of our big, crazy gang. Our wedding has certainly brought all of us closer.

Deepti and Babloo rocking it

Deepti and Babloo rocking it

February 1st was the day we were named man and wife. It was an extremely emotional day for both of us. The day started off with rituals like ‘Kashi Yatra’, ‘Padha Puja’ and ‘Kanyadan’.

Kashi Yatra - Where the brother of the bride welcomes the groom by washing his feet

Kashi Yatra – Where the brother of the bride welcomes the groom by washing his feet

And then came the big moment – I have goosebumps writing this – the moment where I became his forever. It is an inexplicable feeling; I can’t really say what I was going through as he was tying the knot. I felt a multitude of emotions and I couldn’t control my tears.

L looking sombre

L looking sombre

It took a long time for me to sink in that I was married (I still pinch myself). Many of R’s friends scared him saying that he might be nervous and his hands might tremble when he’s tying the knot. But he tells me that none of that happened. In his words, “when it is with the right person, you just know.”

L in an ecstatic mood while R seems to be clueless

L in an ecstatic mood while R seems to be clueless

What followed was fun, fun and more fun! I beat R four times in finding the ring ritual; we had to find a ring in a pot filled with other objects. This is a ritual to guage who will be the dominant person in the relationship and I won four times. Ha! (Not that I am dominant).

R tells me that he let me win but the truth is he was bad at it

R tells me that he let me win but the truth is he was bad at it

We had a lovely photographer to capture each and every moment, and you will get to know more about him in our next post.

R being his usual funny self and making me laugh

R being his usual funny self and making me laugh

It was such a beautiful day that both of us would willingly want to relive it again and again.

The content bride and groom

The content bride and groom

Signing off as Mrs. R


Our Story The Big Day

New Beginning

January 27, 2015
New Beginning

New Beginning

When R left Bangalore four months back, I didn’t know how we’d sail through it. Now that the countdown is down to one day,  I think all the perseverance paid off. Most importantly, I need to thank R for keeping his cool and being extremely patient with me. No doubt, long distance relationships are hard, but if it is with the right person, then it is totally worth it. It has been an adventurous ride full of important lessons – lessons that will help us hold onto each other in testing times. Though this is the end of our living-miles-apart phase, a new and equally exciting phase of together-forever-and-always beckons! R and I are officially going to become man and wife on February 1st, 2015. Cheers to our New Beginning!

As always we want you to be a part of this special journey.

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Glorious memories of 2014

January 4, 2015
Deadmau5 in India, Bangalore

2014 was a glorious year and here are a few of my favourite memories from the year gone by.

Our room opened up to the most breathtaking view

Our room opened up to the most breathtaking view

My friend and I travelled to Sri Lanka last year and we stayed at a beautiful homestay in Kandy. Located on top of a hill, Hanthana Homestay is truly a paradise. Large spacious room, delicious Sri Lankan food and friendly hosts made our stay there extra special. The owner whose name I have forgotten gifted us a bracelet on our last day there and I thought it was a very sweet gesture. Every time I look at the bracelet, it reminds of how great the trip was!

Deadmau5 at Sunburn Supernova Arena, Yelahanka, Bangalore

A girl in the washroom asked me how old I was, when I said 27, she said ‘oh’!

My cousin M, who is a big fan of Deadmau5, very generously offered to take me to the concert and it was an absolute blast! The crowd, the music…was all so perfect. That evening was so magical that we could barely sleep that night. Seeing M let go and sway to the music made me all the more happy!

Above & Beyond

I highly recommend giving this album a listen

When I met R for the first time, I didn’t know we would ever come this far. One of the very first gifts he gave me was an Above & Beyond cd and a box of chocolates which remind me of our initial courtship period. It was all so exciting and fresh and I loved the whole discovering-each-other phase.

My lovely parent-in-laws

My lovely parent-in-laws

I spent an entire afternoon with my parent-in-laws looking at R’s baby pictures. He is so cute that I wanted to gobble him up. I still can’t get over his cuteness. Most importantly, it was an afternoon of scrumptious food and bonding with my new parents – a day I will cherish forever.

R’s baby picture

How cute is naked baby R?

R and I dove into each other’s arms after spending three months apart. That feeling is inexplicable. It was such a perfect day that even the rains couldn’t spoil our mood.

So these are my memories of 2014, what are yours?

PS: We have been extremely slow in updating the blog because we’ve been very busy. With the wedding only 26 days away, there is a lot of last minute plans that need perfecting. Expect regular updates 24th onwards.

Happy New Year, everyone!