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Engagement Photo Shoot in Bangalore

October 3, 2014
Cubbon park engagement photoshoot

Once we decided to do an engagement photoshoot, we went back and forth deciding what the theme would be. Since I am extremely camera shy, I wanted it to be a breezy, natural shoot that captured our chemistry. I clearly didn’t want to pose with balloons, make funny faces at the camera, or pick a theme based on our interests because I didn’t want to look back five years down the line and cringe at the childishness of it all. I wanted the pictures to be classic and timeless.

collageR and I share a rare chemistry that really shines through when we are our natural selves. I laugh a lot when I am around him; I blush every time he says something cheeky and most importantly I am myself when left to my own devices. Also, as a newly engaged couple, I wanted our lovely friends – Shivakumar and Vinayak to capture the nuances of the first stages of our relationship.

On a sunny Saturday morning, we met at Cubbon Park for the shoot. At 7.30 a.m., the city is practically still asleep and you have it all to yourself. Cubbon Park is a sight to behold at the crack of dawn with people walking their dogs, birds and squirrels coming out to play, and the promise of fresh, unpolluted Bangalore air! I share a love-hate relationship with Bangalore. I love it because of the familiarity and I hate it for exactly the same reason. You can leave me in the middle of nowhere and I will still find a way to get home. I hate it because after living here for 27 years, I feel the city has nothing new to offer me.


But that day, I fell back in love with her beauty. We shot at various locations around the city and if you look at the pictures, it is she who shone the brightest. The lush greenery at Cubbon Park, the colourful walkway at MG Road, the Metro Station, and the toy train ride at Cubbon Park proved to be the perfect foil to capture our relationship. Our pictures wouldn’t have looked so lively without her allure. She let us be who we wanted to be while silently asserting her role in bringing us together. As I headed back home, I thought to myself how the city that R so loves proved to be the perfect theme.

Photo Credits: http://www.shivakumar.net/ & https://vinayakbhat.wordpress.com and a special shoutout to Nidhi.

PS: Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post!

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