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Top Things to do in Dubrovnik

September 8, 2017
Exploring Dubrovnik

To help with your planning we’ve highlighted our top things to do in Dubrovnik

Why visit: Crystal clear water, uninhabited virgin islands, fresh seafood and Mediterranean weather.

Where to stay: We stayed at Neptun Hotel in Babin Kuk, which is just 15 minutes away from the Old Port. This upscale hotel has a spa, four swimming pools and three in-house restaurants serving delicious local cuisines. The seafront room we stayed in was literally ten feet from the Adriatic and it doesn’t get better than that.

What to Do:

1) City Walls: All the guidebooks tell you that the City Walls is a must-do – and it’s true. If you hike up the serpentine staircases of these historic walls, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the sea, changing in hue from azure to emerald by the shadows cast by the clouds above. There’s nothing quite like the joy that accompanies the sight of the endless horizon.

2) Hidden Coves: If you want to escape the heaving crowds, then this is the perfect thing to do. We found several secluded coves around the city, but the one next to the Nautika Restaurant is breathtaking, to say the least. A beautiful idyll that feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of the Old Town. There’s a dizzying flight of stairs with a metal railing that leads you all the way up to the vantage point. We spent the day swimming in the crystal-clear waters and basking in the beauty of this hidden gem.

3) Island Hopping: Dubrovnik offers plenty to explore, a day trip to the neighbouring islands is an experience unlike any other. Roughly 15 minutes from the city, Lokrum is ideal for snorkelling or hiking up the vertiginously sloping paths. This uninhabited island is home to pines and cypress trees, which fills the air with a lilting scent. There’s an idyllic salt-rich lake that’s perfect for those of us who are not brave enough to swim in the sea.

4) Cable Car: While the cable car ride is all too brief, the view is nothing short of sublime. We booked a table at the Panorama Restaurant and watched the sky turn hues of gold and amber as the sun went down. The food, the ambience and the pavonine sky made it a surreal affair. It was a magical experience. Anything I say would be too little, so I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

5) Boat/Ferry/Yacht Ride: You can opt for a private yacht tour or hop onto a boat cruise to go island-hopping. We visited Elaphite Islands, which is a small archipelago consisting of several islands. We made quick pit stops at Šipan, Koločep and Lopud – although they aren’t very different from each other, they are beautiful nonetheless. The highlight of the cruise was the freshly cooked meal we had aboard while basking in the sun.

6) Cliff Bar: Nestled in the tiny bylanes of the old walled city, Buza Bar provides sweeping views of the Adriatic sea. Buzzy music, local beer and friendly staff make this place an absolute must-visit. This hole-in-the-wall dive bar is perpetually crowded, so get there early if you want a table with a view. Or can grab a drink and sit on the cliff to watch the waves roll in against the sunset.

7) Game of Thrones tour: This walking tour takes you to many filming locations of the HBO series Game of Thrones. Some of the guides appeared as extras in the show and they bring the whole thing to life with first-hand experiences and juicy anecdotes.

What to pack: Hiking shoes, summery dresses and a chic pair of sunglasses. You can read about what I packed here.

Where To Take A Great Instagram: There are plenty gram-worthy spots, but my top two recommendations are the charming stone alleys of Old Dubrovnik and the rock staircase carved through the cliff near Brsalje.






Top Things to do in Dubrovnik

Things to do in Dubrovnik






Three days in Paris – An Itinerary for first time visitors

April 2, 2017
The Louvre

Here’s our three days in Paris Itinerary, do bear in mind as this was our second visit to Paris we skipped Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées. To discover some cool Instagram worthy spots in Paris head over to the first part of our post

Day 1

Checked into Hotel Eiffel Turrene

Eiffel Tower aka The Iron Lady

Grand Palais / Petit Palais

Musée d’Orsay

Day 2


Wall of Love

Sacré-Cœur Basilica 

Montparnasse Tower

Day 3

Musée du Louvre

Home Sweet Home

Eiffel Turenne

Eiffel Tower composition Petit Palais - Three Day Itinerary to Paris Taking a close look Palais Royal stairs Instagram worthy spots in Paris - Musée d'OrsayThree Day Paris Itinerary Instagram worthy spots in Paris - Montmartre Artist in Montmartre - Three Day ItineraryArtist in Montmartre - Three Day Itinerary Eiffel from Montparnasse Tower - Three Day ItineraryLouvreInstagram worthy spots in Paris Louvre Instagram worthy spots in Paris Louvre Paris - Three Day Itinerary to Paris

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French Riviera Travel Guide and Tips

June 15, 2016
French Riveria

Day 1

Nice, the capital of the French Riviera was love at first sight for us. The undulating Promenade des Anglais, lanes dotted with quaint chapels and boulangeries teeming with people are all an inordinately beautiful sight. On our first day, we sauntered through the entire stretch of the promenade while relishing a gelato and thinking c’est la vie! One of the best places to enjoy the view is to climb up the winding stairs of Le château de Nice (Castle hill) There are various entrances, or you can even take the free lift. This medieval castle is a maze of greenery that offers stunning views of the old town and the port. We spent the entire day wandering around and exploring this place. We even chanced upon a waterfall that was built during the 18th century. As the evening light started to set in, we walked over to the beach to bask in the warm glow.

French RivieraDay 2

Eze Village

The next morning, we took a bus to Eze Village – make sure you sit on the right side of the bus to enjoy the plentiful vistas. Following a quick breakfast of buttery croissants and black coffee, we headed to explore the fortified village. Perched on a rocky peak, this village offers an outstanding view of the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula. Dotted with quaint boutiques and bougainvillaea-covered villas, this place has maze-like streets that lead to beautiful courtyards and hidden alleys. Next, we climbed up to the Jardin Exotique, where an abundance of succulent plants surrounds the castle ruins. Perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment.


After spending three hours in Eze, we took another bus to Monaco. On reaching, we headed to a restaurant overlooking the harbour to devour dried cod cooked in tomato sauce and pasta with Mediterranean vegetables. The wide variety of museums and sites reflects the importance of art, history and culture in Monaco. We walked around the harbour for a while enjoying the sight of docked yachts dancing around in the water. Post that, we walked to the Oceanographic Museum from the old port. Although it’s quite a walk, the view is breathtaking! We highly suggest you do this instead of taking a bus or a cab. The Oceanographic Museum is a neoclassical building that houses over 6000 species in a spectacular underwater environment. The shark lagoon is a must-visit, it will surely blow your mind. In the same vicinity, you’ll also find the magnificent Prince’s Palace, the white stone Cathedral and the Chapel of Mercy. Instead of walking all the way back to the old port, there’s an exit next to the palace that’ll take you back into the city.

French Riviera

French RivieraFrench RivieraDay 3


Pronounced as ‘can’, this place is all about glitz and glamour. From taking pictures on the red carpet to dining at upscale restaurants, you can do it all. While there’s nothing much to see apart from the razzle-dazzle, there are a few places that are worth a visit. Head over to Forville Market to taste the local delight – Socca (chickpea crepes), walk through the charming neighbourhood of Le Suquet or shop for vintage knick-knacks at Rue Meynadier. If you have time we would surely recommend taking a ferry to Ile Sainte-Marguerite – a beautiful island with a fort and maritime museum.

While Eze still remains the best part about our trip, the French Riviera certainly did steal our hearts forever.

ile sainte marguerite french rivieraSoccaHandy Tips

1. We booked an Uber from the airport to Nice using the wifi available at the airport and it cost us 19€, an alternative is to use the express bus which costs 6€ per person. Note that when you pull up your list of available wifi networks at the airport, you will probably see ‘FreeWifi’: this is NOT free, ‘Free’ is a network provider and it’s only free… if you pay!

2. We chose Nice as our base and travelled to Eze, Monaco and Cannes

3. Buy these handy Foldable water bottles as you will need it while exploring the city plus you can easily clip it to your bag.

4. When you get on the train to Cannes, the stop you need to get off is Cannes Voyagers, not Cannes la Bocca.

5. Nice has 3 stops Riquier, St Augustine and Nice Ville figure out which station your Hotel is the  closest to

6. Validate your ticket in the little yellow machines before getting on to the train, if you’re on a tram you can do this once you get in.

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Gloriously Romantic Venice

April 3, 2016
Romantic Venice

City of romance: words that describe Venice perfectly. Sun glints off the canals, while the smell of fresh fish wafts through the lanes. Ancient buildings, docked gondolas and the breathtaking landscape will command your attention everywhere. Venice’s beauty lies in its intricate canal system, they bring great sense of serenity to the surroundings.Rialto Bridge

After a hour long boat ride, we checked into L’Orologio hotel, a few minutes from the Rialto bridge. Our agenda for the evening was to explore the city and taste some Venetian cuisine.

Venice Hotel

Piazza San Marco

Venice ItalyPost a somewhat disastrous meal, we headed towards Piazza San Marco, a magnificent square that truly enchants. This usually buzzing space was completely empty, saving a few people taking selfies.

sunset in venice


St Marks BasilicaAt dawn, we set out to explore the majestic Saint Mark’s Basilica. It is regarded as one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture in the world. We were especially awed by the ornate architecture and the gemstone studded altar inside the basilica.

Gondola rideVenice GondolaNo trip to Venice is complete without a gondola ride. It is possibly the best way to see the city. You can explore various Byzantine and Baroque landmarks at your own pace. Also, never give your camera to your gondolier, he will probably run away with it. He did with ours but we were faster than him. Ha!

Docked Gondola Venice

Since we visited Venice during the off-season, we paid only €60 for the gondola ride. Don’t be shy to negotiate with them, as they quote anywhere between 90 and  150 euros.

Venice Skyline

As the city bathed in splashes of gold, we walked around exploring popular sights like Doge’s Palace, an imposing gothic structure converted into a museum; Gallerie dell’Accademia – a museum showcasing pre-19th-century art, bridge of sighs and San Giorgio Maggiore, a basilica with a gleaming white façade.

Murano ItalyMurano ItalyNext day, we jetted off to Venice’s neighbouring island, Murano. This unassuming island is the perfect place to experience classic, old-world Venice. You can go on a tour of the glass-making industry or sit down to relish Venetian fare at a trattoria.


Dinner in Veniceour infinityVenice Two Day Itinerary

Day 1:

Places to see: Campanile di San Marco, St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

Day 2

Places to see: Grand Canal Gondola Ride, Murano (where you can visit the glass museum and workshops) or Burano (known for lace making and colorful houses) and if you still have time head to Punta della Dogana and you won’t regret it.

Travel Tips:

1) Take the Alilaguna from the airport to your hotel. There are many private boat operators best to avoid them as they’re way too expensive. You can buy tickets for this at the airport’s information desk.

2) Once you’re in the heart of Venice the best way to get around is the Vaporetto which is the Venetian water bus.

3) It’s advisable to stay close to the Rialto bridge as all the touristy attractions are at a walking distance.

4) If you are looking for offline navigation then Here maps is a handy app to have. Download links for Android and iOS.


A Photo Journey Through Strasbourg

January 24, 2016
Strasbourg Photo Journey

Strasbourg has a special place in our hearts for many different reasons and the Mille Ans light show was just one of those. Pardon the quality of the video but this is an experience we will cherish for the rest of our lives

In pictures: Unadulterated beauty of Strasbourg

Petite France

Tram in Strasbourg Tourist in Strasbourg Strasbourg Notre Dame in Strasbourg Musician in Strasbourg Wine Cellar in Strasbourg Looking away in Strasbourg Cathedrale Notre Dame Haloween celebrations in Strasbourg In the mood Strasbourg Strasbourg at Night Playing the Violin in Strasbourg Strasbourg by Night Praying for Light and Love Smile for the camera Strasbourg Restaurant Age is never a barrier for Travel Notre Dame Cathedral from outside Strasbourg Musician with his Dog Togetherness Strasbourg









Strasbourg, So Much Wonder

January 4, 2016
Petite France Strasbourg

After a sleepy one and half hour flight, we alighted in the most gorgeous city in France. Strasbourg, which sits right on the border of France and Germany is a picturesque city renowned for its canals and cobbled lanes. After checking into our hotel, we headed towards the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg for the ‘Mille Ans’ light show. Touted as the emblem of the city, the Cathédrale is acclaimed for its architectural elegance. The Romanesque and Gothic structure is truly a sight to behold with its intricate sculptures and stained glass windows.

Cathedrale Notre Dame De Strasbourg Cathedrale Notre Dame Strasbourg Light show

The light show to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the Cathédrale left us misty eyed and mesmerised. It was one of the most magical experiences – sitting under the starry sky and looking at the majestic Cathédrale light up in colours. Designed by digital-projection artist, Skertzò, the video-mapping show brings the Cathédrale to life with hauntingly beautiful music. Truly transfixing! After watching the spectacle, we spent the evening ambling through the lanes looking at everything with a wonder. A satisfying meal of pizza and risotto later, we headed back to our hotel to rest for the day.

Notre Dame Cathedrale Strasbourg

Following a hearty breakfast the next morning, we set out to explore this magnificent city. Since it was a week of festivities, we had free access to enter the Cathédrale and all the museums. We spent the entire morning inside the Cathédrale marvelling at the craftsmanship – the astronomical clock is truly a work of art. In spite of the light showers, we decided to climb the Cathédrale to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Once you get through the hurdle of climbing 330 stairs, you’re rewarded with the most breathtaking view of the city. We sat there basking in the beauty of this moment.

Inside Notre Dame Strasbourg View from Cathedrale Notre Dame Strasbourg

Strasbourg FranceAfter exploring a few museums, we headed towards Petite France. Considered as the historical centre of the city, Petit France is an otherworldly beauty with half-timbered houses and spectacular waterways. We spent hours promenading through the tiny lanes photographing everything in our memories. After wandering around for a while, we sat down to have lunch at La Corde Á Linge. Overlooking the canals and gingerbread-style houses, this restaurant serves up authentic Alsatian food. Petite France Strasbourg Regent Petite France La Corde Á Linge


We had a gastronomic experience with Alsatian food. We relished the traditional Alsatian pasta cooked in tomato sauce with fresh herbs and topped with a generous sprinkling of Parmesan. The fish cooked in delectable red onion compote and Riesling sauce was simply divine.

Weekend getaway Strasbourg Boat ride Strasbourg
Boat tour StrasbourgAfter that heavenly lunch, we made it just in time for our city boat tour. If you don’t have a lot of time, we suggest you do this because it takes you through all the popular attractions. Finally we ended our day by going for the light show because no matter how many times you see it, it’ll give you goose bumps. We rounded off another fabulous day with a hearty Indian meal.

Strasbourg is a bewitching city that offers a breathtaking sensory and gastronomical experience.

We departed from here feeling happy and content. Gutenberg Square Strasbourg Couple in Strasbourg

Tips For Visiting Strasbourg

1) We found a brilliant deal on Holiday Pirates, flights + hotel came up to £180 per person from London Gatwick.

2) As soon as you clear immigration head towards your right and look for Entzheim-Aeroport Railway Station which is beside the car hire section. Trains going to Strasbourg are on platform A and you will need to buy your ticket at one of the automated ticket machines. You can buy a ticket for €2.40 (one-way) to Strasbourg Railway Station.

3) Comfort Hotel, Montagne Verte is centrally located, albeit a little small, it is clean and comfortable. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful.

4) The tram stop is 5 minutes away from the hotel, and it takes roughly about 10 minutes to get to the heart of the city.

5) The Strasbourg pass priced at 18,90 € per adult gives you access to all the popular museums and other attractions.

6) Tram is an extremely affordable mode of transportation. The 24-hour tram/bus/coach pass is 4,30 €. If you end up buying the 24-hour tram ticket, ensure you validate it on every journey

7) If you’re planning to climb the Cathédrale (which we recommend you should), make sure you carry a bottle of water with you.

8) The boat tour is extremely popular so we suggest booking well in advance.

9) If you’re looking to grab a quick bite in Petite France, Mezzo Di Pasta is a must-visit.

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for more pictures and an exclusive video of the millennium light show.[Edit – New blog post is now live]