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Letters to the future husband #2

October 7, 2014

Dear future husband,

I want to…

Wake up to watch the sunrise together at Anchorage in Alaska; walk hand in hand in the stone-cobbled lanes of Cusco in Peru; marvel at the ruins of Augusteum in Rome; take in the expansiveness of the Atacama Desert in Chile; languorously stroll by the sandy shores of Nilaveli Beach in Sri Lanka; bask in the divinity of Thikse Monastery in Jammu and Kashmir; laze in bed while enjoying the breathtaking cityscape of Beirut in Lebanon; admire the unrelentingly beautiful architecture in Santorini, Greece; splash in the azure blue waters of Costa de Caparica in Portugal; luxuriate on the serene shores of Ko Phi Phi Island in Thailand; lose ourselves in the picturesque Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan; savour the local delights at Valencia in Spain; enjoy a still moment amidst the hustle and bustle of New York, United States; revel in the small town charm of Hoi An in Vietnam…

…..and finally come back to where the heart truly belongs; a place I call home with you.


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