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My Insatiable Need to Read

October 15, 2014
My Insatiable Need to Read

If you want to know what I am doing at any given moment, chances are you will most likely find me reading. Earlier it used to be just books, but now the obsession has taken on a digital tone. When I told R I have 93 Google Chrome tabs open on my phone, he was shocked to say the least. These 93 tabs are my pockets of solace…or rather escape from boredom and people. Every spare moment I get, I reach out for my phone and *poof* off I disappear into a world of my own.

I must read when I am eating or the meal never feels complete; I watch TV with my phone screen glaring at me and even the loo breaks are not spared…I almost always enter the bathroom with something to read. I start my day by groggily reaching out for my phone to check if the blogs I follow have any new updates. My day ends the same way with words lulling me to sleep.

From burying my nose in a dog-eared book, to scrolling, skimming and bookmarking, my reading habits sure have changed. The convenience of reading on a tablet (thanks, R) has only fuelled this habit further. These 93 tabs are a mix of news websites, lifestyle blogs and other random interesting things I read on the internet.

Here’s a list of my top 5 reads:

A $100 Weekend in Chicago: My idea of a quick getaway. This would be the perfect way to experience local cuisine and culture.

When It Comes to Marriage, Are You an ‘Enthusiast,’ a ‘Hesitant,’ or a ‘Delayer’?: Enthusiast, most definitely.

Saying Goodbye to Your Best Friend: A gut-wrenching read.

Consider Internet Yoga: It is the age of convenience.

Amy Webb: How I hacked online dating: Okay, not really a read but it is an interesting social experiment.

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